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How Baby Boomers are Getting Medicare Overseas Travel Coverage

Baby Boomers are getting Medicare overseas travel coverage by signing up for a Medigap or Medicare Supplement plan. You may be surprised to know that Medicare by itself does not cover most expenses outside of the United States. There are many reasons why Original Medicare beneficiaries choose to invest in additional coverage, especially when traveling is a priority. Many people have big plans for what they will do once they retire. Baby boomers are taking advantage of their newfound freedom by

How Technology is Changing Senior Health Care

With over 48 million seniors in the United States, there is an increased demand for senior healthcare. Due to the number of seniors over the age of 65 and the economic situation of the rest of the population, there is concern that seniors won’t be able to get the care they need. As a result, technology is stepping in to make it easier for seniors to manage their needs. When it’s time to take medicine, a digital dispenser releases the pills, allowing you to avoid handling pharmacy bottles. It ho

How Seniors are Using New Delivery and Ridesharing Platforms

For years, programs have existed to assist senior citizens with transportation, meals and other necessary living needs. These programs can be very helpful to those in dire need. Unfortunately, most require an application process and qualifications that can make them difficult to take advantage of. Now, with the introduction and advancement of convenience- based businesses that are geared toward all ages, older adults have a new pool to choose from when it comes to making their lives easier.
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My Story

My name is Lindsay, I’m the daughter of a veteran. I wanted to share my Patriot Angels story in hopes to help others who are left to care for their loved ones financially and are in need of help. My parents divorced when I was very young. My father never remarried, so I remained his only child. He didn’t keep in contact with any of his siblings. His parents, my grandparents, passed away before I was born. Therefore, I was his only family. The month I turned 27 years old, my father’s health too
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Understanding Long Term Care Insurance

The following article was written and provided by Lindsay Engle of MedicareFAQ.  MedicareFAQ is an online resource center that helps individuals learn more about their Medicare options, as well as supplemental Medicare plans.  Visitors can compare different plans side-by-side in order to find the best plan for their needs. Long term care insurance is a type of insurance designed to cover the long-term service and support required by an individual in any number of settings, from a community orga
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How Ridesharing Promotes Independence Among Older Adults

One of the most painful decisions older adults have to make — often with the help or insistence of family members — is to stop driving. Besides the significant loss of independence, there is also the practical matter of getting to appointments, buying groceries, and running errands. The good news? There's never been a better time to be in need of transportation or food delivery services, thanks to smartphone apps and online ordering.

If you get cancer, what does medicare cover?

A cancer diagnosis after the age of 65 can be overwhelming, but with Medicare and the right supplemental coverage, paying for medical care doesn’t have to be. Understanding the facts and benefits of Medicare regarding cancer coverage will make going through the process of treatment, from oral medication to surgery, a little bit easier for patients and their loved ones. If you get Cancer what does Medicare Cover? Medicare does a very good job of covering cancer treatment for those 65 and over. T

Does Medicare Cover Hearing Aids?

As you get older, you start to think about your health in new ways.  Things you never were too concerned about before now become a top priority.  One of these things is hearing. Hearing loss is a common and sometimes frightening development that takes place as you age. Does Medicare Cover Hearing Aids? A variety of circumstances can cause hearing loss.  External causes, like long-term exposure to noise pollution, are common.  Internal causes, such as genetics or illness, can also play a major r

How to “Spread the Health” in May for Mental Health Awareness Month

For many of us, mental health often takes a backseat in our pursuit of holistic health. Yet, we must remember the term holistic health refers to caring for the whole person: body + mind + spirit. We cannot forget the “mind and spirit” elements of this wellness triad. That’s why I’m excited that May is Mental Health Awareness Month. To help spread the health, I put together some useful information about this observance and simple ways you can educate others about mental health awareness. The fi
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How Seniors Can Use Technology to Become Entrepreneurs After Retirement

A new generation of entrepreneurs is emerging onto the market, and it’s not who you may expect. Baby boomers are starting to become a huge part of the entrepreneurial world. Full retirement is becoming less and less popular, and many seniors are opting to earn their own income after they officially retire from their “day job by taking on independent contract work.” According to Forbes, “people over 55 are twice as likely as people under 35 to launch a high-growth startup.” For some, this may me
Baby Boomer Women Over 50 - Travel - Lifestyle | BabyBoomster

How Boomers are Becoming Entrepreneurs vs Retiring

For decades, seniors who have reached retirement age have retired and claimed their Social Security benefits. However, a change in our retirement age has prompted baby boomers to seek out an alternative option: Becoming entrepreneurs, rather than enjoying a traditional retirement. This shift in approach to retirement is partly due to the fact that the United States’ retirement age is rising. Traditionally, boomers could claim their full Social Security once they turned 66, but a new change mean
Baby Boomer Women Over 50 - Travel - Lifestyle | BabyBoomster

Baby Boomers Dental, Vision & Hearing Benefits Not Covered by Medicare

Medical coverage for baby boomers is an important discussion when it comes time to start using Medicare. Knowing your coverage is essential if you are going to plan for your overall health in the future. While Medicare will cover your basic medical expenses now, there are some benefits not covered by Medicare. There are certain services that always come up in the conversation about Medicare coverage.  These are dental, vision and hearing. These important services do have some restrictions throu
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Is Dementia Declining Among Older Americans?

New research studies are suggesting that cases of dementia among seniors are declining, as fewer instances of Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia become less common. The studies indicate that the decline has been ongoing for the past decade, but what has caused this change in the trend of cognitive degeneration? As researchers look for the causes, they share findings that show the decline in dementia has been accompanied by a decline in physical degeneration as well. One Study Indic